Unfortunately we are not offering Virtual Quarantine parties at this time.  

Questions? Call us! (559) 826-3742

We are referring online parties to https://gamesync.events/birthdays/

In Quarantine

We're excited to introduce a new, social-distancing-approved way to gather online. Host a virtual quarantine birthday party and make a memorable moment! Connect with family and friends located near and far away. Epic Games2Go is happy to make your quarantine party dreams a reality! And, we also provide an experienced and fun Game Coach, so your experience is safe, easy, and supervised.

Interested In A Virtual Quarantine Party?!

Call us at (559) 826-EPIC for details!

How Does A Virtual Gaming Party Work?

Our team works with you to build an amazing quarantine birthday party or celebration. We facilitate the gaming online and walk you through every necessary step to make your virtual gaming party experience fun and stress-free. Epic Games2Go offers a supervised and safe means to connect through secured video chat while helping to work with a group of children to set up online games. Everyone is remotely connected, meaning you remain safe at home, but present an exciting and fun virtual experience for your child's next birthday celebration!

And, You Get A Game Coach, Too!

Are you worried you won't know how to keep the party going for the full duration? Have no fears, because our Game Coach makes sure all of your guests enjoy a fun and inclusive experience! Rest easy knowing that one of our professional Game Coaches will be present for the entire duration of your party. You can jump in as an active participant or relax a while without any worry! 
Once you book your party and pay the required 13% down to reserve it officially, our team will reach out to you to discuss specific details and get everything worked out. We'll send you an email with a link to complete our online virtual party form and follow-up with invitation details for your party guests. Our team will call you to work out any potential issues well before your reservation date.
We want your virtual gaming party to be as easy and seamless as possible.

That's why we go through so much effort ahead of time to ensure all of the important details have been considered. 
Call us at anytime with questions at (559) 826-3742!

You Must B.Y.O.G. (Bring Your Own Games) or Choose From One Of Our Recommended Options:

Invite up to 12 gamers to play & engage virtually!

Enable up to 25 total guests on your private gaming video chat!

Now, friends and family, near & far, can join in the party too, even if they aren't gamers!
Game TitleCompatible PlatformsMax Number of Players
Animal Crossing: New HorizonsNintendo SwitchUp to 8
Call of Duty: WarzonePS4 Pro, Xbox One X, PCUp to 12
FortnitePS4 Pro, Xbox One X, PC, iOSUp to 12
Madden NFL19/NFL20*PS4 Pro, Xbox One XUp to 6
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe**Nintendo SwitchUp to 12
RobloxXbox One X, PCUp to 12
Rocket LeaguePS4 Pro, Xbox One X, PC, iOSUp to 6
Splatoon 2Nintendo SwitchUp to 8
Super Smash Bros UltimateNintendo SwitchUp to 8
*This game is not cross-platform compatible
**This game allows up to 2 players per console, permitting up to 12 players maximum if there are 2 players per console.
We also have the ability to build special gaming parties around preferred titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Call of Duty, etc. on a range of console platforms. Give us a call to discuss any custom needs for your upcoming event at (559) 826-3742!

Please note that online gaming requires a paid online service for game play of most popular titles. Additionally, virtual gaming parties also require that a party group possess common gaming consoles for maximum compatibility. For example, if you'd like to host a special Animal Crossing themed party, all of your guests would need to have a Nintendo Switch console, a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons,
and access to the appropriate online service. 

Call us with any questions to understand how virtual gaming parties work best at (559) 826-3742.
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