Epic Teen & Tween Party Ideas for Birthdays & More!

Kids eventually grow out of super hero, princess parties, and bounce houses for birthday party entertainment. They love parties, but the last thing that teens and tweens want are parents hovering over the fun. Teenagers are more social than younger kiddos, and they long to impress their friends with epic & unique birthday parties. That’s where Epic Games2Go comes in!

We’ve got the best tween and teen party ideas on the planet!
Discover the secrets behind the fun of a mobile gaming birthday party:

• Get your kids involved in the party planning. They are old enough to know what games they love and what their friends love to play. Are they into Super Mario Brothers, Pokemon, or Call of Duty? Check out our list of games rated for everyone, and games rated specifically for teens, and give them a choice! For extra fun teen party ideas for your video-game loving kid, decorate the birthday cake, cupcakes, and cookies with colors and characters from their favorite games.

• Let teens create their own guest list. Of course, only allow kids on the list that you’re comfortable with. Limit the number of teens and tweens invited so that everyone gets a chance to have a good time. Our mobile gaming theater seats up to 12 people gaming together at once (during COVID we are limited to up to 8 people in the trailer at once). Invite a few more and they enjoy their favorite party foods, cake, and refreshments outside, where they can see the indoor action broadcast on our 55-inch TVs mounted to the side of the trailer. Or, use the external TVs for more gaming fun! (during COVID we are not using the outside TV's) Teens get into the party planning action when they send our ready-made party invitations to their friends!

• Keep the party safe. We provide extra adult supervision in the form of our Gaming Coach, who guides the excitement while looking after the welfare of all in attendance. As the only fully zoned and licensed mobile gaming trailer company in the greater Fresno and Clovis regions, we take your child’s well-being seriously, no matter their age. 

• Bring the party to your location, with all the comforts of home. Keep your teen’s birthday party private and under your control, while avoiding the extra fees that public facilities charge for private access to party rooms. We park our video gaming theater at your house or at your chosen location.* Expect a clean environment that public venues don’t guarantee. We even provide dual-air-conditioning for hot summer fun. 

• Skip the cleanup. The after-party mess is a nightmare when you host the celebration inside your home, especially when valuables can get trashed during the festivities. But with Epic Games2Go, you have the luxury of a self-contained mobile party truck without cleanup. Keep food service simple by using paper plates and other recyclable throwaways, and keep trashcans at the ready. Teenagers are old enough to handle minimal cleanup so that you don’t have to—Just play some of their favorite music in the background to set a groove and keep them moving. 

Follow our fun tween and teen party ideas, and bring the party to your location with the Epic Games2Go mobile gaming theater. You’ll be a hero, creating fond memories of a special birthday party independent from mom and dad while you have peace-of-mind. Call us to book our gaming truck and get more party ideas: (559) 826-3742.
*Travel fees may apply outside of the Clovis and Fresno, California regions. Terms and Conditions apply.
If a parking permit is required it will be the responsibility of Customer to arrange for one. 
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