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Top Ten Teen and Tween Party Ideas from Epic Games2Go

Shel Moore

Gone are the days when your kids would be happy and satisfied with clown parties, playing hide and seek, and blowing candles on a simple, colorful cake. They are too old for bounce houses and the noisy headaches at Chuck E Cheese’s.

Your tweenagers and teenagers grew out of “baby” parties, but they aren’t old enough to be treated like adults. Switch gears and look for the cool factor to entertain your kiddos and their friends on their birthday. Treat them to the kind of fun that makes their friends think they are so rad. And they’ll think you are the most awesome parents in the world.

To get you started, the Epic Games2Go event team presents our top picks for teen and tween birthday parties (and more).

Pair these party ideas with our mobile gaming theater, and you have just the ticket for the best birthday party ever:

1. Highlight your kiddo’s age with a Level Up theme party—Roll the theme into all aspects of the party, including invitations, cake, decorations, and more with a “Level Up” theme. Gift your boy or girl with a rockin’ shirt from Amazon that ties in with the theme!

2. Bring gaming colors and designs into play using your chosen theme—Check out the Epic neon green and black birthday helium balloon shaped like a game controller for the ultimate decoration (we found this balloon at Party City here in Fresno for our own children)! We echoed these colors throughout the entire party and added an ice cream bar filled with delectable choices to please any kid. Need decorating ideas to fit your video game party theme? Start with this resource.

3. Make guests feel like VIPs with an all-access theme—Imagine distributing all-access passes to you child’s exclusive birthday party guests. These keepsakes will be treasured long after the party is over. Check out this step-by-step guide with links for downloading free printable passes. Then create a fun photo-op area with lots of great props to encourage selfies filled with broad, beaming smiles. Make sure your kiddo dons a custom t-shirt to have that VIP treatment last all day and beyond.

4. Match the party theme to a favorite game—What game will turn heads on their big day? Get ideas, download, and print party items and decorations for Modern Warfare, Ghosts, Black Ops III, and Mortal Kombat. Hone in on your teen or tween’s most-beloved video game, and voila! You have a party theme!

5. Tie nostalgia with your party theme—Select game themes that everyone will know and love because they’ve all played them before. No need to get specific here—Mix the themes into one big nostalgic gaming party! Here’s how to go “old school” with the party theme. Print and wrap candy bars to harken back to traditional Nintendo game controllers, and create decorations reminiscent of Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and other whacky standards. Don’t forget to order a cool custom shirt for the birthday girl or boy.

6. Hide “easter eggs” for party revelers to find—We’re not talking about a traditional Easter Egg hunt. We’re talking about fun surprises as simple as hiding glow necklaces under plates. Or amp it up and turn the fun into a treasure hunt, complete with clues about favorite characters and games.

7. Supply power up munchies—Keep their gaming energy in high gear with mini candy bars and chocolate kisses decorated with gamer-themed stickers.

8. Include hydration fuels for the battle ahead—Replace brand labels of cold bottles of water with waterproof gamer labels. Land huge bonus points for being cool, even when it comes to refueling, AND encourage kids to drink more water. Talk about a win/win situation!

9. Make the day unforgettable for everyone with themed party favors—From candy and cookies shaped like game controllers to gamer party favor bags, this site has a collection of happening party favor ideas for every guest on your kiddo’s invite list.


10. Add interactive, non-video party games—Teens and tweens don’t need to be plugged into digital devices to play these fun games to break the ice between players. For boys, girls, or a mixed group of genders, IRL (in real life) party games melt away awkwardness.

Reach out to the Epic Games2Go in-house party planners at 559-826-3742, and stop by our Facebook page and Twitter feed to discover more teen and tween party ideas. See our huge list of video games, book our mobile gaming truck, and then download free invitations. Epic Games2Go delivers all the ingredients to create birthday magic for all ages.

December 10, 2019
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