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New Games and Unique Birthday Party Places - Epic Games2Go Has It All

Shel Moore

Throw exciting birthday parties with the newest games! Epic Games2Go brings the party to you with air-conditioned comfort. Our mobile gaming theater rolls up to the most happening birthday party places in the greater Fresno/Clovis region—That’s to your curb*! (*Terms and conditions apply)

Don’t be stumped trying to figure out what to do for your teen or tween kiddo's next party. Instead, hire us to treat them to the hottest games around. Check out our suggestions for creating a birthday party that will be the envy of all of their friends.

Under complete adult supervision from your trained Gaming Coach, your birthday star will enjoy a private party with all their closest friends on the ONLY fully licensed and zoned gaming trailer in the Fresno area. No after-party cleanup for you. You provide the cake and refreshments, and we provide the games.

And we have games! Whether your young partiers are into Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Super Mario, or Legend of Zelda, or if they prefer the sports action of NBA, MLB, and NFL games, we’ve got the perfect assortment of games rated “E” for Everyone and beyond.

And we’re introducing the newest games for even more variety:

Dive into the blazing world of Mortal Kombat 1, forged anew by the Fire God Liu Kang, and experience an exhilarating revival of this iconic franchise, complete with innovative fighting mechanics, thrilling game modes, and jaw-dropping fatalities!

Check out our newest FIFA games, listed in the Guinness World Records as the most popular sports video game franchise in the world:

• FIFA 22 — Brings in HyperMotion Tech, data collected from a total of 22 real-life players in a high-intensity soccer game. The new Career mode brings the player into the role of manager to create a new club with crest, home stadium, and the ability to unlock player skills.

• FIFA 23 — Takes the HyperMotion tech a step further, capturing sequences from real-life soccer matched to produce more than 6,000 in-game animations. The possibilities for play are endless. A total of 21 new Marvel heroes are added to the lineup from FIFA 22. And the biggest addition is Women’s Club Football!

The newest games to hit the gridiron for true American football fans:

• Madden NFL 22 — Immersive Gameday Atmosphere delivers the truest gameplay experience ever. Next Gen Star-Driven AI and real-world stats combine to create true player and team member tendencies. Players are in the driver’s seat, controlling the front office to the field, dishing out points to the staff, upgrading the coaching crew, and overseeing team strategy.

• Madden NFL 23 — Experience the game-changing fun of Madden NFL 23, where the innovative FieldSENSE™ Gameplay System empowers players with unprecedented control across every position, in every mode, delivering an unparalleled level of realism and excitement.

Basketball fans will rejoice over our newest installments in the NBA 2K franchise, where players get to level up their skills and learn the fundamentals:

• NBA 2K22 — For the first time in this series based on the National Basketball Association (NBA), six different cover athletes are featured, with in-game changes to players’ ratings that match their on-court performances. The soundtrack has a brand new update so that your birthday party guests can jive to the coolest hip-hop, pop, and rock songs during play.

• NBA 2K23 — Cover athletes represent both men and women players, NBA mascots return, and MyCareer hands over new environments to play their favorite NBA team. They’ll jump at the chance to team up with a squad of friends.

Birthday parties are all about the experience, and Epic Games2Go delivers it to both tweens and teens. For your more mature revelers, we also feature smokin’ games rated “T” for Teens: Battlefront II, Fortnite, Need for Speed Payback, Spider-Man, and more! Plus, we offer a selection of Mature-rated games to cater to older kids with diverse tastes.

Make your child’s celebration the best birthday party place to be! Book our game truck now. Get on our schedule and take the worry out of planning your teen or tween’s amazing birthday party—Contact us at (559) 826-3742

July 22, 2023
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